Calvary Chapel Fort Portal is part of the Calvary Chapel movement started by Pastor Chuck Smith of CC Costa Mesa. CC Costa Mesa is a non-denominational evangelical Christian church that began with twenty-five people in Costa Mesa, California in 1965.

This is a short video highlighting the ministry of Calvary Chapel fort portal. Our desire is to grow in love for the Lord, His people and the lost. We are all about reaching up to the Lord in worship, in to the brethren with the encouragement from God's word, and out to the world with the gospel of Jesus.

Pastor Chuck was a key minister to the youth in what is called the Jesus movement of the 1960s. As he reached out to the youth of the counter-culture, the hippies, drug users, and those rebelling against cold traditions, many accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God gave the increase and thousands gave their lives to Christ.

Today, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa is listed among the worlds twenty largest churches with more than thirty-five thousand calling it their home church. From this first Calvary Chapel many men were raised up who went out to plant new Calvary Chapel churches. These in turn also raised up new pastors and church planters so that today there are over one thousand five hundred Calvary Chapels around the United States and the world

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